Hello everyone,

My name is Akash sharma. I have an youtube channel with the name “electrical paathshala”. My Aim is to provide best material to electrical engineering students at free of cost.

I have done my graduation in Electrical Engineering from Rajasthan technical university. I am from Jaipur, Rajasthan(India).

In my engineering days I found many subjects very difficult and no good proff. of those subjects was there, So I decided to teach those subjects after completing my Engineering. I found Youtube to deliver my knowledge and I was quite successful also, in completing the task as I imagined. A huge no. of students liked my efforts and way of teaching, and they requested me to provide written material for my videos. So then I have created this blog. and I really want to provide material regarding Electrical Engineering subjects as soon as possible. I just want your support.

I hope you will love my work.