About us

Hello Everyone, My name is Akash Sharma and I am the Founder of Electrical paathshala, I have done my graduation in Electrical Engineering. I am from Jaipur, Rajasthan (India).

I have a passion for Teaching and because of this Passion, I started My Youtube channel (Electrical Paathshala) back in January 2018. I got Huge Love and Support on my videos.

I started this Website www.electricalpaathshala.com to help students to make their notes after watching the Videos. Not only the Youtube Subscribers, but people from all over the world are appreciating our Content.

Our Goal

We are Already Providing the Premium Video lectures on Youtube free of cost. We Want to make a better Community of Electrical Engineers.

We know that, A lot of students can not afford a lot of Books for so many Engineering subjects, But they can Easily Learn all subjects of Electrical Engineering on “Electrical Paathshala”.

We provide Daily Quiz and Knowledgeable posts related to Electrical Engineering on Social Platforms, Do not forget to Join us there.

Thank you for Being With us.

contact us at electricalpaathshala@gmail.com